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Pulp & Paper Mill Repair

IWM has become our regions expert in paper mill repairs & paper factory maintenance. Providing Paper Producers with many custom parts and repairs, such as:

Paper Mill Roll Repair

Over the many decades, we have worked on nearly every type of paper mill roll on both the repair and fabrication sides of the process. Some of the most common paper mill roll types we have repaired are:

  • Bowed Rolls
  • Calendar Rolls
  • Couch Rolls
  • Crown Control Rolls
  • Embossing Rolls
  • Press Rolls
  • Rectifier Rolls
  • Table Rolls

Paper Mill Driveshaft Repair

Paper mill driveshafts are under constant pressure and stress and require regular inspection and maintenance. We specialize in low-lead and quick paper mill driveshaft repair and maintenance.

Debarker Repair

Paper mill equipment repair involves a wide variety of machinery and components. One of the larger pieces of pulp equipment is the debarker machine. Mechanical debarkers often have a large chain driven rotary and hydraulic systems under high impact stresses, which over time reduce performance and eventually lead to breakdowns. Our experience allows us to quickly strip down, repair and reinstall debarker components as part of regular maintenance or repairs, keeping downtown to the absolute minimum.

General Paper Mill Equipment Repair

Paper mills are large full-scale production facilities in need of regular maintenance and repairs, we regularly perform paper mill equipment repair on a huge array of machinery and components. If your paper or pulp facility is needs fabrication, welding, or other industrial metalwork or maintenance performed on your machinery, our long history means we’ve likely worked on it before. Call us today if you have any questions or need immediate paper mill equipment repairs.

Why Should Your Pulp & Paper Company Choose IWM?

  1. We have the largest capabilities in the area. We have vertical boring mills from 5’ to 18’ capacity, some of the largest engine lathes and several large horizontal boring machines for a variety of projects. We also have digital-ready outs and CNC capabilities for any high quantity requirements your paper mill may have.
  2. IWM has an experienced group of employees. Many of our welders and machinists started with IWM right out of tech school and have been with us throughout their careers. Having very little employee turnover helps maintain quality in our welding and machining processes. Ensuring our paper mill repairs are consistent and quality.
  3. IWM’s design staff uses the latest in CAD design software with Solidworks. Our estimating department uses Jobboss software to reproduce jobs identically every time.
  4. We are proud to have an excellent working relationship with local Paper companies such as Verso, Boise, and SAPPI. We strive to get paper mills back up in running as soon as possible in times of a breakdown. We also provide regular paper mill maintenance repairs, to help paper mills avoid those costly breakdowns.
  5. Our location in Duluth, MN is critical to our fast turnaround times when a breakdown occurs on the Iron Range, northern Wisconsin, or the twin cities. We have our own fleet of delivery vehicles to help cut down on delivery times as well as costs. We also work with local trucking companies like Jeff Foster Trucking to complement our pick-up and delivery process.

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