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IWM has a team of highly skilled weldors working in our 14,400 square foot welding/fabricating shop. Our team consists of veterans with decades of experience all the way thru to the best of this generation’s fabricating tradesmen. Our welding/fabrication shop also contains two bridge cranes 10 Ton and 25 Ton, and 2 Ton jib hoists at each workstation.


Welding Capabilities:

  • FCAW
  • MCAW
  • GMAW
  • GTAW
  • SMAW
  • SAW
  • CAC
  • Braze
  • Silver Solder

Welding Equipment:

  • Miscellaneous Miller and Lincoln MIG Wire Feed
  • Ransome Positioner Tables from 3,000LB capacity w/ 42″ table up to 100,000LB capacity w/ 84″ table and custom 218″ fixture, all with a 90 degree tilt
  • Ransome Power Turning Rolls
  • Custom Bore Welder with 12′ x 20′ Reach
  • Track Seam Welder

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