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Cone Crusher Repair

Crusher - Complete MainframeSince the late 1970s, IWM has been an industry leader in repairing and upgrading the 7-foot Symons Cone Crusher. Over the years IWM has repaired most types of crushers, including the HP400 among others. IWM provides a complete inspection report so our customers know in advance what repair work needs to be done. We contract with an independent testing company that specializes in Magnetic Particle Testing and Ultrasound testing for cracks/fractures on all stressed parts.

IWM can disassemble and reassemble the entire Symons Cone Crusher.

We repair or replace every serviceable part of the cone crusher, such as:

  • Crusher Main Frame
  • Main Frame Liners made with Tri-Braze™ material
  • Adjusting Ring
  • Crusher Bowl
  • Standard and Short Heads
  • Standard and Short Head Shafts
  • Counter Shaft Box assembly repair
  • Water Socket
  • Eccentric Bushing
  • Gear Lashing
  • Spring Clusters, or Clamping and Clearing Hydraulic Systems

Recent Work

In recent years, we have converted many Spring Cluster style cone crusher mainframes into Clamping and Clearing hydraulic systems.

Whether it is an individual part, assembly, or sub-assembly, IWM has a long track record of reliable, and quality cone crusher repair. Let’s chat about your cone crusher repair needs today, and get your system repaired or upgraded and back in operation as soon as possible.

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